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In almost every country in the world, people working in a REIDsteel Factory Buildings are adding value and creating wealth. REID steel have been making large industrial buildings since the 1920s and there are constantly projects on the drawing board.

Tiko Rice Mill, Madagascar

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Before Marc Ravalomanana was elected as president of Madagascar, the country's agriculture was collapsing. The government had been forcing peasant rice farmers to sell their rice to them for unreasonable prices, and so the farmers had lost all interest in rice farming.

Instead, they had begun a regime of 'slash and burn', which led to the destruction of the rainforest. This is irreplaceable, as is the endemic wildlife. The idea is to stop rainforest destruction by providing alternatives.

With rice production slumping, the price of rice was sky high, and people were going hungry. So when Ravalomanana became President, he made sure that this would be the first thing to change. With the help of REIDsteel, he has begun to construct agricultural plants around the country. A strong believer in home-grown products, he encouraged Madagascan peasant to start working in the paddy fields again, and Tiko, or others, would buy the rice from them at the right price.

REIDsteel are proud to play a part in bringing Madagascar into the 21st century, through the construction of ultra-modern steel factories, like this rice mill in the deep countryside half way between Toamasina and Antananarivo.

REIDs constructed three buildings in the course of this project: the rice mill, spanning 58m x 36m, a warehouse and a reception building measuring 15m by 10.5m, and 24m high. The stairs, walkways, landings and their hand rails are all Reidsteel.

By cooperating with Buhler, who provides the rice processing systems for the mill, we were able to design a building around the requirements of the equipment and machinery that was to be installed in the factory. All necessary features were added at the REIDsteel works in Christchurch, and then shipped out to Madagascar. Composite decking makes it safe, easy and quick to build large expanses of suspended floor.

REIDs also made all the doors and windows for both the rice mill and the warehouse. More of our doors can be seen at

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